06 November, 2011

African comers : Angers townhall tempers its ambitions in admissions

The French Home minister has decided to alleviate the pressure Angers city felt since months from "asylum seekers" arriving from the Horn of Africa. The minister ordered to the prefect of the Pays de la Loire to dispatch towards different places in the region the persons arriving till now in Angers from Eritrea, Somalia or Sudan. If that answer does not fit to the wish of Angers representatives - to get from French State more important resources to deal with the number and the needs of these African families -, it will nevertheless reduce the material difficulties and individual uneasiness managers Angers charity communities complained.

So if these communities didn't get the financial help they were looking for, it means they will have to adjust their qualitative and quantitative objectives to their resources instead of, maybe, doing beyond their resources. And their members will have to bear their scruples.

Rose-Marie Veron
During weeks before the meeting between Angers representatives and the French Home minister, the stance of city hall has changed. "We, representatives and associations, ask to the State to lock off the necessary resources in order to implement a help to asylum seekers everywhere and fairly. This is necessary in order, in Angers, to fulfil our goals" said Rose-Marie Veron, deputy-mayor on october 28. A few days later, on november 3rd, Mrs Veron told "We have to be realistic, we shall not be able to welcome all the Somalians in Angers". It could be wiser, for Angers to aim efficiency instead of fame.

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