03 November, 2011

Preparatives to Angers municipal elections have already started for the left candidates

The preparatives for the Angers municipal elections due to take place in 2014 could be already under way. On the left political side, important persons in the majority of the town council will withdraw, some at the end of their mandate, others, and among these, may be the mayor, before the term of the office. 

Angers city hall
So, the left side is trying from today to look for new figures to join a team for the next campaign. The left side of Angers municipal council fears a new battle with the leader of the right wing in Maine-et-Loire, Christophe Béchu who, in 2008, only just missed the office of mayor but has been recently elected senator, and has now a more important stature. 

In order to compensate a possible imbalance in terms of notoriety, the candidates to lead the left list of town councillors to the city hall in 2014, have just contacted a local manager, but famous in the world computer industry, who never played a part in Angers policy. Until now involved in local business circles through conferences or in sport community, this person hasn't yet given his answer and could not do so, publicly, in the months to come.

The deterioration of economic circumstances, global and local, on households and companies doesn't spare the municipal authority like Angers city. So, the involvement of a successful manager would bring some economic credibility, fame and openness to the left list which hopes to succeed to the present mayor and his companions. "Angers licks large".

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