17 November, 2011

Sunday superstores openings : tensions are increasing with Angers trade unions

The local trade union offices, Imbach square
The tensions may increase regarding the opening of stores on Sunday. Angers trade unions threaten to block the Saint-Jean-de-Linières Leclerc superstore if it opens next Sunday and the Angers Loire Métropole have launched an appeal to lead the prefect to prohibit such openings. But, through the Sunday opening of superstores, two conceptions confront one another in Angers economic and social lobbies about what the families need to do on that day. 

The signature for Megarama complex in 2013 (Angers city)
On one side, Angers Loire Metropole repre-sentatives and trade unions, claim that Sunday must stay dedicated to rest, leisure and family life. On the other side, commercial centres owners who, during a depressive economic period on consumption, must, nevertheless, make their business run (what preserves jobs) and consumers, who don't speak but walk throughout the commercial malls and the departments of superstores. 

The Leclerc superstore entrance in Saint-Jean de Linières
The problem is all the stakeholders of the debate never give the floor to the last ones. But, except for superstores, many commercial activities in Angers are running on Sunday and recently, Angers Loire Métropole itself was happy to announce the conclusion of a contract with the Megarama company which will set up a building hosting six cinema opened, probably, on Sunday in Les Ponts-de-Cé. For consumers, there is no difference between an entrance to cinema or the purchase of an item in a commercial gallery on Sunday.

The change comes from consumers who, apparently, consider going for shopping on Sunday is a family leisure like a walk in the countryside or a movie in a cinema for others. Apparently, Angers Loire Métropole representatives or local trade unions' leaders didn't notice that change.

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