28 November, 2011

Angers Saint-Martin fun fair 2001 closed down on Sunday

The Saint Martin fun fair 2011 edition has closed on Sunday. While some onlookers embarked in the last attractions still opened, the fairground people had already started to dismantle their merry-go-round, glass labyrinth or shut the panels of their display vehicles. One of the most surprising component of the fair was... the temperature. After 9 pm, it was 15° in the soaked alleys full of smells of candy. 

According to Angers newspapers, the commercial result of the fun fair is uncertain. If the new trolley line has brought thousands of inhabitants, it's not sure that all of them have paid more money than previous year : all the visitors are not customers. If the Saint-Martin had traditionnal merry-go-round, shooting galleries, bumper cars and "true New York hamburger" (for men and women apparently concerned by excess weight), the 2011 edition had its technical attractions for thrill-seekers catapulted in space till "5 G"!

The enticing voices of female stallkeepers trying to lure the last families was covered by the noises of metallic wrenches closing down the entertainments. On the following morning, the La Rochefoucauld square will find again its (free) parking lot atmosphere.

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