07 November, 2011

A special issue of Charlie Hebdo made a hit in Angers

Charia Hebdo was a hit in Angers. After the Paris headquater of the satirical newspaper was destroyed by firebombs during the night between the 2nd and the 3rd November, the issue of Charlie Hebdo dedicated to the Islam topic with the prophet Mahomet laughing on the front page was impossible to find in Angers kiosks and in news distributors on Thursday.

Answered during the Thursday evening if issues of the weekly newspaper were still available, most of these told the copies of Charia Hebdo were already sold as soon as the opening hour on that day. According to these professionnals, the destruction of the offices of Charlie Hebdo appears only to have excited the curiosity of Angers readers. "It will be a collector's edition", commented several news dealers in downtown, well aware the phenomena wasn't specific to their stores. "Some issues could be for sale in Angers surroundings", they believed. Nevertheless, to the pitch of the reaction of some news dealers, it's not sure all of them put Charia Hebdo in sale in order to avoid possible troubles.

The local press didn't report on that week hostile or even negative reactions coming from Angers Muslim circles to Charia Hebdo, what could mean that in Angers persons having religious convictions are willing to distinguish the stakeholders to a debate from the ideas of that debate, was it religious. On Saturday, supplementary copies of the special issue were again delivered.

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