26 November, 2011

A new radar speed in Victor Chatenay avenue, designed to be profitable instead of educational

The educational radar in front of Ouest Gravure
The straight Victor Chatenay avenue has been provided with a radar speed last Thursday on the right side of the street from Angers toward the outside after the Sept Sonnettes crossroads. The equipment set up in front of the Habitat Plus headquater is not signposted but only preceded by an educational radar located in front of the Ouest Gravure company. Henceforth, vehicles on that way will not have to exceed 50 km/h. These devices were announced in Maine-et-Loire in June 2012 and the prefecture plans to set up around 30 radars speed. 

The speed radar in front of Habitat Plus
Much more questionable is the simultaneous removal of board signs warning motorists about a speed control when a classical radar speed is replaced by an educational radar. The problem is the new radar is (voluntarily) wrongly located. Instead of a set up  before the Sept Sonnettes crossroads where the straight avenue is a genuine racetrack for motorcyclists or even drivers needing thrills, the speed radar is in a section where traffic lights prevent excessive speeds.

Unfortunately, this could not prevent speed controls for people coming toward Angers downtown on working day mornings. It would have been more logical to put it in that direction because it's in town the speed limit is justified. Was it justified to put it on a section located at 100 m of the boundary of Angers city?

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