12 November, 2011

The Angevins look nearer to a façade solidarity than consistency

Angers superstores were full
Angers city will be part to a "Week of international solidarity" planned from the 12th to the 22nd November with numerous other French towns, announced the townhall website. This event will be "a time for bandy and an awareness campaign about different themes ranging from the access to the rights to the aid to development". A lot of gatherings will take place throughout the city and will, notably, be focused on many rights "the right to democracy", "the children's rights", "the right to the earth". Some original initiatives are also set up : "the world championship in shunning fondamental issues". 

of cars during Memorial Day.
Obviously, the Angevins look very interested by interdependency with abroad. In the 2011 edition of the "Week", underdevelopped countries from Africa to Carrribean Islands got the attention of the instigators of the event. So it is logical that the ideas discussed during these days concern mainly the ways to help the economic take-off of these countries.

But another conception of solidarity could be appropriate and legitimate (and not necessarily exclusive with the present one) : the solidarity with the rising generation of Angevins who may inherit from French state and possibly territorial authorities mountains of public debt to refund. What, moreover, could prevent them to finance their own projects. 

What's the difference with a no working day?
A very expressive way to express that solidarity would be to reconsider, locally, the stance about the openings of stores on Sundays because it could allow a supplement of money for employees. But the opposite position has just been adopted by Angers representatives and the prefect while it has also be reasserted by inhabitants (even if the parking lots of superstores were full of cars on November 11th "Memorial Day"). So the Angevins say one thing and do another...

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