13 November, 2011

An Angers window on kindness

Sometimes people pay attention to others on a very discreet way. That is the case in a quiet street of the North district of Angers where inhabitants of a little house, for months, have designed the front side of their home in a nice way both for the eyes and for the heart of passer-by. The front window, framed with shutters, is liven up with small potted plants and flowers. Such a decoration yet points out the kindness of the occupants. But another detail attracts attention and sympathy.

The occupants have also set up some slates on which they have written with a chalk a few words on the date of the day, the hours of sunrise and sunset, the saint patron, the weather and even a recipe. Even on the pace of a pedestrian, it is difficult to read the little texts. But, nevertheless, a simple glance allows the passerby to catch the message and the care which is behind.

The gesture is obviously appreciated by neighbours who respect it. But how the occupants of the house know that? Are they informed of that? Are they aware of that? Are they only worried of that? Daily, they resume their little work which may give them the certainty that a good action has been done. Turned towards the anonymous passerby, the little slates and the plants their owners don't see from inside warm relationships and life. Simply. Discreetly. Lively.

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