27 November, 2011

UK in Angers through pub in city

One of the most anglicized faces of Angers is its pubs. Since a few years, several opened in downtown, at least on left side of Maine river. The Matt Murphys along Foch boulevard, The James Joyce in front of the Angers congress center, or more discreet, the Donald's pub , the Inishmore, located in Boisnet, Bressigny streets are among the most frequented all year long even if their Anglo-Saxon atmosphere is more obvious as winter goes along with its dampness and, these days, its fog. 

Along with that fashion, consumers are changing their habits. While, formerly, French people used to have a drink inside the pubs, now, in part because of the smoking prohibition in public places, these customers spend their evenings on the front side of the pubs, sometimes playing quoits on the pavement.

 Another resemblance with the pubs over the Channel is their habits to inform their customers of major sports events like the last world rugby cup. Of course the music inside is, like everywhere in Angers, Anglo-American, what adds to the change of scene. It looks like if, in that pubs, people didn't only want to drink a Irish, Scotish, Welsh or British beer but be a part of UK, even if the inhabitants of this country are in love with the Anjou wine.

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