10 November, 2011

Angers city recognizes the current failure of VeloCité+

After almost a year of implementation, VéloCité+ has not yet found its customers. Praised by the former deputy-mayor in charge of transportation in Angers, Bernadette Caillard-Humeau, as an astounding success, the service displayed of Saint-Laud railway station esplanade didn't in fact convinced consumers. "A new concept needs time to establish itself", recognizes Vincent Dulong, who inherited the field of transportation when Mrs Caillard-Humeau was dismissed of her charges a few weeks ago. 

His successor guess changes are necessary "Maybe should we [set up] new stations in town?", he said to the daily Ouest France. Designed at the origin for work uses, the bikes are in fact rented by (a few) people for their leisure. This is not surprising : it's not really easy to go to an appointment if the biker is dressed in a classic professional style? Moreover, where can he park the bicycle and is it fair to spend money for the rent of the stopped bike during the appointment? But almost, why to pay a rent per hour when thousands of other bikers got their engine for free and for months thanks to VéloCité? 

The bicycle sheds scattered all over the city for bikers using trolley don't look to convince Angers inhabitants. Most of them are empty all day long and they will not be filled up with VeloCité+ which should cost 45 000 € per year to the Angers taxpayers.

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