29 November, 2011

The Adam House on the eve of Christmas

It is one of the most famous monuments of Angers : the Adam House. Built about 1500, this hal-timbered house is a rare specimen of the medieval architecture with its richness of carved beams displaying religious or secular sculptures. The Adam House is also one of the most inappropriate store window in town : washed out modern paintings, statuette signed Niki de Saint Phalle or tropical animals in mosaic look totally disoriented in such an historical atmosphere.

The objects are displayed in a modern fitting while the inner architecture of the Adam House gives off history, subdued lightings, warm colors. Where are the tapestries depicting scenes of the medieval or of the golden age of France's Ancient Regime? Where are the tokens of the crafts (furnitures, carpets, etc) today considered as arts? Not a single reference to past in that inheritage of history. Only objects of daily consumption : ties, mugs and so on. There is no special design for Christmas.

This doesn't enhance the style of the Adam House, in addition emphasized in this historical district of Angers. Even at night, the harsh lighting of the store window harms the shadows and the patterns of the front side, burying the past in the sunlights of today.

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