22 November, 2011

Angers bike's lanes bitten by cars

In the field of urban trips, Angers town hall has implemented, since a long time, a policy designed to increase the use of bike within its territorial limits. If the set-up of specific lanes, traffic lights or bike hoops are the necessary components of that policy, these are not, perhaps, sufficient. The municipal will to get the bikers' rights observed could go through the sanction of individuals who hold up its policy and the traffic by bike.

On Sunday November 20th near the numerous merry-go-round of the Saint-Martin fun fair, it was really difficult to park one's car because the place was overcrowded. Some unscrupulous individuals choose, nevertheless, to use the bike's lanes as parking lots. If, possibly, the owners of these cars do not live in Angers, possibly the users of these lanes are city's inhabitants. Why, in presence of such obvious offenses, Angers town hall didn't react?

In some cases, Angers city, thanks to zealous female traffic wardens, has been much more inflexible with elder drivers having just to park (in Chevreul street) their car for unloading luggage for a while... On Sunday, the city was obviously unwilling to get the bikers' rights observed. Angers town hall looks eager to promote its own bike paying facility, VéloCité+ (with the very benevolent help of a daily newspaper), but it should have in mind its customers do not represent all the bikers of the city and the "cultural change" it waits will not come so easily.


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  2. Car parked in bike lanes are a real problem! I wish traffic wardens would do as much zeal about people parking in bike lanes as the do for people parked on taxi spots...