30 November, 2011

Access to stores on Sundays : the floor given to Angers consumers may predict a change of mind

News analysis. - Did the opinions, regarding the issue of Sundays as no working days, started to change from an adamant refusal to an open mindedness? May be it is the case with the daily Le Courrier de l'Ouest which, for the first time since the uprising of the conflict due to the opening of the Saint-Jean-de-Linières Leclerc superstore on Sunday mornings, gave the floor to the consumers. The daily even admitted in the front page of its Monday edition that the petition distributed by trade unions to consumers "has sparked off a real debate".

Up to now, the presentation of the problem was in favour of the prohibition with classical and political arguments without recognition of the daily life of working people and the economic advantages for employees, the store and the public, to be able to go for shopping on Sunday mornings. But another news erupted the following day in the same newspaper could explain such an evolution. 

In its edition of Tuesday, the same Courrier de l'Ouest announced : "the unemployment soars in Anjou". That fact which could trigger the issue to be reconsidered  :  +4.5% since January and even +7.5% from October 2010 to October 2011! If the economic growth is always curbed how will unemployment decrease and how will the Angers inhabitants live?

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