19 November, 2011

The Angevins babies have the right to be made a first-name!

 The first-names of babies published in the weekly section of the Angers newspapers give a glimpse about the wishes of families to endow a touch of originality to their offspring. And the contrast with first-names of defuncts is striking. The Eugène or Léontine gave way to a new generation of inhabitants of Angers of which one wonder if they are really French.

While, in the last list of records, there are always English or American first names (Wyatt, Tom or Lenny), sometimes linked to the success of a movie (Ethan with Mission Impossible, Eliott imposed by The extra terrestrial), the most recent sections display a creativity which gives dizziness : Elia, Eléa, Manoah, Noa, Malo, Lola. In the years to come, teachers in school will have to call upon their memory!

If this diversity of first-names is lawful in France since 1993, it may indicate a loss of landmarks. People take offence of the choice of Angers Loire Valley but in the same time show themselves to be very sensitive to English brands when they go for shopping. 

Credit Wikipédia
If in England the first source for first-names is the Bible and the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and Peter, James, Andrew, Thomas), another source of 'English' first names is the Celtic tradition, like in Angers, and other 'English' names were brought to the country through invasion. So the Normans of north-west France brought many names to England as a result of the invasion of 1066.


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