01 November, 2011

Sunday openings : the Angers Cci wishes the debate be open

After the mayors of Angers Loire Métropole, the Angers section of Europe Ecologie Les Verts, then the left part of the Conseil général de Maine et Loire, the issue of the sunday openings of stores has just involved the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Maine et Loire. In the october issue of its newsletter EssenCCIel, the deputy-chairman of the consular authority says that in spite of work regulations, the position of the sunday rest and the organization of French society in which numerous leisure communities display activities on sunday, "the debate must begin" because "the world is changing [and] the new generations have not the same expectations" compared with those of previous.

The main difference of the Cci of Maine et Loire with the stances of Angers political movements and representatives is the refusal to oppose "economy and way of life" as well as "retail trades and superstores" or "work against leisure", writes Eric Grelier. The deputy-chairman, who notices that even superstores haven't a strategy in this area, points out that the decision to open on sundays must follow "real standards of earnings for the consumer".

A good way to objectivize the opinion of Angers inhabitants would be to poll them. In another point of view regarding the new commercial center Atoll, due to open in spring 2012, the Cci brings the final object of the debate regarding the interest of commercial openings on sundays : "It's useless to confront one another. Instead, we must have a look  to the assets [the sunday openings] bring because we must all work to improve the attractiveness and the economic development of our territory".

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