02 June, 2011

The managers'trail in Angers next June 17th

The owner-managers trail will stop in Angers on june the 17th at Leclerc square. The aim of that presence is to give useful solutions to the people who want to set on, to take over or to sell a business. The candidates will be welcomed by a panel of experts ranging from chartered-accountants, insurers, lawyers, bankers or marketers who, for free, are available to advice, at an individual level, the future managers.

Credit : Vincennes Hebdo
Several workshops on the way to develop one's business thanks to professional networks or how to find the necessary money to launch a project will be accessible all day long to the visitors. This trail is the 8th of a serie which, annualy, cross France to stimulate the desires to begin a project. Apparently with some success : almost 200 companies are set on every year, some of them, subsequently, may create jobs.

This initiative recalls to everyone, included to the the local representatives, the Angers inhabitants do not only need - and live on - solidarity because when there is less to share the only way to overcome the economic difficulties is to create wealth, and new products or services are the unique way to create jobs. And profitable jobs are stable jobs.

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