10 June, 2011

Payments on pavements

Angers city plans to implement a second "new tax". While town hall annouced, a few months ago, that another new tax, the first in several decades in Angers, would be applicable to households in order to finance, among other things, the cost of the trolley line, it made clear recently that a new "new tax" would be collected this time on a wide scale of stores.

Credit : wikipedia
If that kind of local charges is yet due by owners of bars and restaurants who use part of the public domain, mostly pavements, squares or gardens, the fiscal burden would rely that time on a wide range of companies, from kebab shops which deliver sandwiches on the pavements to banks whose cash dispensers are only accessible from the city pavements.

But, in return, Angers city could not only collect money, but complains. In fact many stores owners and other companies could use the tax as an excuse to demand to town hall a greater cleanliness of the pavements. And in fact, they would not be wrong. In spite of public campaign about the interest, ecological and economical, to preserve the cleanliness of pavements, old or new, too much inhabitants don't care, spitting their chewing gum or throwing away their cigarette buts on the cobblestones.

But, before that day, pavements should generate payments... to clean the streets.

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