25 June, 2011

Union demonstration at trolley inauguration day : Angers mayor didn't walked on eggs

 In spite of the desire of Angers inhabitants to see the trolley running, after (at least) three years of works, in spite of the unanimity of local and regional representatives at the tribune set up in Ralliement square, and in spite of the nice weather over the city that June 25th, the inauguration day of the first trolley line of Angers was tarnished.

One of the trade union of the company running the trolley, instead of simply stopping the service due to travellers, threw eggs and flour ont the first train parked at the Ralliement station. The mayor of Angers, Jean-Claude Antonini, infuriated by such facts, publicly critized the behaviour of union activists.

Nevertheless, the new equipment came into service at the beginning of the afternoon and attracted thousands of inhabitants eager to discover, for free during a week, their city from a new point of view. For town hall, the new transportation equipment will not be long to reinforce the attractivity of the city among the local population and outside.

Very confident about the beneficiary effects of the trolley, Mr. Antonini didn't hide its desire to see Angers to launch a second line, yet foreseen by majority and minority at town hall. The problem is (only) the financing of the project while many observers are afraid of the costs of the first line.

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