22 June, 2011

A Japanese student hosted in Angers returning to Sendaï airport : "It's not Japan"

The shock caused by the quake and the risks of radioactivity from the Fukushima nuclear facility to Japanese students hosted years ago in an Angers family still urges them to talk about their emotions and thoughts when they face the dramatic and terrible consequences on Japan and its inhabitants. So Eri, who studied French at the Catho five years ago and who is now stweardess at Japan Airlines returned to Sendaï airport where she was due to land when the tsunami occured.

"Yesterday, I came back to Sendaï for the first time since the quake. It was like it was not Japan. Nothing  has remained because of the tsunami and the city was upside down in every part", she wrote. But, ads Eri, "People are in good conditions and eager to find again a normal life".

Credit : Wikipedia
Many other students made comments about the Japan disaster in the weeks following March the 3rd. Now their mails are becoming less frequent, sign may be the situation is normalizing few by few. A ceremony dedicated to the victims of the catastrophy took place in the Catho on Japanese students initiative. 

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