11 June, 2011

"The Arthurs" Angers theatre company throws "The bomb", at Cordelle street

"The bomb" is the title of the play The Arthurs, an Angers theatre company, will perform from June the 24th in its own stage, La Comédie, at Cordelle street. Written by Carole Greep, "experienced author of the Parisian stage", that play is the outcome of a serie of success since the 2000's. That "explosive comedy" tells the story of a couple whose relationship "has faded along years, daily life and three children". In order to find themselves again, the family decide to rest. For that rest be perfect, it decides to call a baby-sitter who, in fact, turns about to be a bombshell...

The Arthurs is a very active company which performed recently no less than four very different playsin the comedy register : "They love each other", "The baby gets a laxative" or "The pockets full of stones" written by contemporary and past authors.

But the Angers actors give also lessons of theatre to chidren, teenagers and adults at different levels (initiation or improvement). Special courses will take place in July. The Arthurs company was set up in 1990 and in 1994 in La Comédie. "The bomb" will be performed till July the 8th.

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