17 June, 2011

A new step beyond for "new Maine banks"

The idea is not bad : a "spring wandering" along the Maine banks. That's what Jean-Claude Antonini, the Angers mayor, offered to inhabitants to do on June the 23rd at 4.30 pm. Will it be really spring? Of course not because summer is the 21st. But almost the 23rd is a thursday, a working day for most of Angers inhabitants...

May be the representatives of Angers are afraid about the success of their idea. But it would be nevertheless much more popular to plan such an event on a saturday. If the banks of the Maine are a pleasant place for walking, some organized activies along the paht could be planned.

The tour is mainly a urban one : start at Le Quai Theatre, then Basse-Chaïne bridge, then Molière square toward Saint-Serge esplanade, to Confluence bridge and the arrival at Ensam for a light meal. Without any doubt, the project is starting up, at least in the minds of the city council.

A first visit of the Maine banks took place in April and the participants had to take note of their impressions during the walk. On April the 24th, it was really the summer!

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