29 May, 2011

The mayor of Angers will fight uncivilities of inhabitants

The behavior of some Angers inhabitants and some urban projects have been on the menu of the tchat which took place on May the 23rd with the mayor. Regarding the unsecurity in town, Jean-Claude Antonini admits the issue "is something worrying" whose origins are "uncivilities, gatherings, exponential alcoholic consumtion among young people almost". Face to that phenomena, town hall plans to set again "a proximity police".

Questioned about the cleanliness of the town, the mayor made an appeal to the chewing-gum spitters "who damage definitely the cobblestones. That must change", he warned. It is the same with unappropriatie parked cars which "will not be longer tolerated", he said "The vehicles in the way of the trolley will go to car pound".

Several urban projects would be underway. First a new congress center because the one doesn't fit any longer to the demand of the users. That future center will be located near Le Quai Theatre. Mr Antonini foresees "an enormous popular pressure" for the opening of a second trolley line and talk about a partial implementation of it but didn't precise when. And the mayor is aware of the "insufficient reputation" of Angers at the "international, national and local scale" and announced initiatives to associate "in the weeks to come" the inhabitants around a best fame for their city.

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