24 June, 2011

The inauguration day of the Angers trolley endangered by a "lucky strike"

The primer minister will not come. The municipal police could strike. And the majority of the drivers of the Angers transportation company may stop their work on the inauguration day of the new trolley on June 25th. It is not clear if they will continue their strike on the following week if their demand of wages increase is not fulfilled. Only the animations associations and the city planned along the line will take place. But, even if the disappointment of city hall is sincere, the continuation of the social protest is not for the municipal finances, a bad news.
The city decided that the first week of the trolley running will be free for passengers (from June the 25th till July the 4th, i.e. 8 days). The company Keolis which will manage the trolley estimates that 38 000 travels per day will be registered, i.e. 304 000 travels for the period. Given that a ticket could cost (on the beginning) 1,40 €, and if the strike lasts a week, 425 600 € could be be saved. Thats is equivalent to the budget initially foreseen (and finally reduced to 150 000 €).

In period of scarce public ressources, this money will not go up in smoke...

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