08 June, 2011

"Recycling" of words

 "Vintage" has came in the vocabulary of the first public authority of Maine-et-Loire, the Conseil général, even if Angers inhabitants do not have a clear idea of what it means. In many places of the city, boards inform the public about the organization of an event linked to the cycle leisure.

In fact "vintage" is a meaningful word nowadays. First, from an economic point of view. With the slowdown od the purchase power and the invasion  
Credit pictures : Conseil général de Maine et Loire

of low quality goods, people in Angers and anywhereshould look twice before throwing away things maybe a little bit has been but which could be very useful nevertheless.

From a marketing point of view too. Maybe the Conseil genéral of Maine-et-Loire is looking to compete with Angers Loire Métropole in the promotion of the bike as a new way of transportation and, with the increase of energy, a new ay of life. The vintage has some advantage...

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