23 June, 2011

An Angers fastfood brand opens a new catering concept on Foch boulevard

A new brand, and a new concept of fast food, will open its doors next friday at Foch boulevard along the line of the trolley, due to start its running on saturday, and so leading more customers on the place. The official opening to Angers inhabitants was  preceded by a private discovery, visual and gastronomical, for famous persons of the city. For example, a representative, casually dressed, has just arrived with his family, visibly intriguated by what was concoted there.

The "Very Fraich" is an initiative of Pascal and Mathilde Favre d'Anne, owners ot the eponymous restaurant on the right bank of the Maine, well known for a very alternative cuisine which, in a few years, conquered gourmets.  
The interior colors and materials of the place, wood and green, with indirect lightings, evoke nature and calm. At the back of the building, formerly occupied by a hairdresser and a financial company, has been developped a terrace, where an olove tree, gives a mediterranean touch. It was the perfect time to open : since the works of the trolley line took end, consumers are coming back. Down town stores deserve that!

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