29 June, 2011

From DSK to Aubry : "the chance" changed of camp in two months time with Jean-Claude Antonini

If the "impeachment" of Dominique Strauss-Kahn was a good reason for the mayor of Angers to stop his support to the former socialist leader who was in the starting blocks for presidential elections two months ago, the words Jean-Claude Antonini used on June 28th to promote Martine Aubry candidacy sounds a little bit wrong. 

A month ago, Mr Antonini and his friends declared the Socialist Party had no option but to choose DSK as candidate against Nicolas Sarkozy : "DSK is the last chance we have, if he doesn't win the primary election, there are risks for the left" adding, regarding the fierce debate about the fact he drove a Porsche in Paris, "If we start to attack [him] under the belt, that's not going to be fun".

Apparently, some local media has, like politicians, short memory. One of them reported las tuesday the laurels Mr. Antonini gave to Martine Aubry who is, according to him, "a chance for France" after, the media says, "having been touched by the emotion, the honesty and be enthusiasmed by her communicative desire" during a simple phone call...

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