03 June, 2011

Angers Trolley didn't yet paved way for bikes

Is the trolley compatible with the bikes? This is the question one can ask cycling along the 12 km overall trolley rail tracks from La Roseraie district in Angers to the Ardennes plateau in Avrillé. If cyclable lanes have been created in some parts of the trolley line, in others, bikers will have to manoeuvre between the pedestrians or to insert themselves between cars and trolley. 

But, in some sections, cars and bikes share the same lane while in others cars, bikes and trolleys do. But in some parts (Létanduère street or Avrillé main street for example), pedestrians, bikers, drivers and trolley will have do live together! It's clear many inhabitants using the three first means of transport will need desperately some teaching about the traffic rules.

In some places, the traffic ways are far from being completed. Along the Capucins Plateau, there are still huges piles of road wastes compelling the bikers to dismount and walk. If Angers town hall has increased the bikes mileage, even  if the level of safety is variable. One of the less visible dangers are the small difference of pavements and road which can cause falls and legs casualties to elder inhabitants.

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