16 June, 2011

Georges Washington recovered

A humble plaster bust of George Washington could attract attention from the visitors of the Toussaint Gallery in the weeks to come. It was used as a model for a marble bust of the first president of the United States signed by David d'Angers. It was believed for more than 150 years that the plaster bust was the unique remain of the marble bust historians considered as destroyed in a fire of the building of the American congress in 1851.

But in fact it was not the case. The similar bust of Washington was discovered in a California museum where it stayed since 1924. After expert's reports, it was assumed that the piece was authentic, setting the fame of David d'Angers from the Toussaint street in Angers to the Pacific coast.

The sculpture was ordered to David d'Angers in 1827, who admired the founding fathers of United States. Then he was offered to this country by France on the following years. David d'Angers himself believed his work had been destroyed...

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