12 June, 2011

The municipal events around the first running of the Angers trolley line may derail because of strike threat

The events Angers city plans for the start of the trolley line on June the 25th are endangered. Two trade unions warned they will strike that day if their demand for the implentation of a 13th month of wage and best working conditions are not agreed by the company which runs the trolley and the buses nets. The problem is town hall involved many associations of Angers inhabitants to organize parties along the 12 km line.

Each section of the route will be associated th a theme and a color : modernity and improving on a yellow color in Avrillé, environment and greee in Saint-Aubin district, economic pep and purple in down town, soft travelling at the Saint-Laud railway station and solidarity and accessibility with red in La Roseraie. For this start of the trolley running, the city has invited the French prime minister. The opening of the inauguration day should be at twelve o'clock.

 During that day, down town will be closed to traffic. And the inhabitants have been invited to let their cars at home and use public transportation systems...

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