18 June, 2011

A new wave of immigrants set in town hall entrance

Since a few days, pedestrians walking along the Angers town hall may get the impression they are living a recent past. About 15 African immigrants set in the public entrance during days and night. These people, who apparently came from the Horn of Africa (Somalia or Ethiopia), are mostly young men may be lead in Angers by networks of professional smugglers.

Their presence alerted immediatly the attention of communities wishing asylum be granted to immigrants by French state. A demonstration took place a week ago in front of the prefecture and this morning others activists claimed the right these persons have to get a home and assistance. 

The problem Angers Loire Metropole faces is to find them a shelter and give them the means to overcome basic needs. But once that will be done, what's going on? Last year many caritative communities launched an alarm signal regarding the scarcity of their means in front of the demand of food assistance. 

Nobody knows their history, how they arrived in Angers and what are their plans : to settle here or to continue their route? But do they know it themselves?

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