06 June, 2011

The Fnac at the heart of Angers

Among the numerous stores located in Angers down town, one cannot be ignored, and is not, by customers or simply pedestrians, who stride along the streets on saturdays. It's the Fnac, in Lenepveu street. The arrival of that chain of stores in the city in the middle of the 90's hoisted Angers to a higher rank and has recalled the place of culture in Angers life.

In that street, probably the most attended in Angers, Fnac store is localizable thanks to the continuous comings and goings of people. Two main elements may explain its attractivity. First the mix of many components of contemporary culture : books, records, but also dvd and all tv or informatical products which are for users like windows on the world.

The second element is may be the indoor fitting which makes the customer feels he could be anywhere in Europe, giving him the impression to be part of a globalized world. Evolving in a filtered and cocoon-like atmosphere, the visitor glides from litterature to comics and from ticket booth to mobile phones. Fnac is henceforth part of the Angers landscape and surely one of the most dynamic heart of trade in down town.

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