07 June, 2011

The English Language Library in Angers increased the number of its members in 2010

The English Language Library in Angers delivered an optimistic report about its activity in 2010 : the number of members increased at 1 591 persons, a progress 9% and the acceleration of the turnover of documents (18 762 have been borrowed, an increase of almost 6%). That could be explained by he interest for English language from adults living in Angers and Maine-et-Loire : a supplementary workshop for adults wishing to improve their skills in spoken English has been created and others have been set up for students and pupils.

If the number of adults borrowing books or other elements of the libray has litteraly soared (+55%), it is nevertheless difficult to conclued this is due to "French Angevins" because, at the same time, the proportion of French speaking members decreases "markedly".

Credit pictures : http://www.ellia.org
If the English Language Library in Angers has been weakened by the general recession, it nevertheless developped its links with the Maine-et-Loire library and sole impoetant city of the region like Saumur, Segré, and soon, Cholet. The Library has also implemented initiatives toward universities and schools.

The aim of that institution managed by two English speaking perons, John Cassini, president and Phoebe Marshall-Raimbeau, manager, has been created nearly 20 years ago. It is devoted to "the dissemination of information relevant to English-speaking countries, and seeks to spread awareness and appreciation of these countries' respective literature and culture, with interest in all English-speaking regions in Europe and abroad".

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