05 June, 2011

Angers Loire Valley, an English brand with French accent

Angers Loire Valley, the new brand of Angers Loire Métropole since April the 19th, is recruiting ambassadors. Their goal is stimulate the promotion of the city in France and abroad. A subscription form is available on the website of Angers Loire Métropole (only in French) which offers to candidates a support in their task. But is anyone able to register? Probably yes even if the same website indicates on one of its pages that " managers, important persons..." are looked for.

Will they be helpful? May be, but they will have a big job to do : to explain the assets of Angers... in English. But do they speak that language? Apparently the city didn't considered that point because in the questions asked to the candidates, their ability in English isn't mentioned. And what about the materials Angers is readye to give them, are they translated in English?.

Moreover, that strategy could be at the haflway point. "Angers Loire Valley" clearly links the city to a patrimony internationaly recognized, but why the signature "La vie en grand" is in French? Is a change coming? In the last edition of "Vivre à Angers", the town hall magazine, the representatives precise the English traduction of the signature is "Live large"... Such a change could widen the horizons of the Angers' brand.

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