27 June, 2011

Angers trolley : a move in a movie

After months of wait since the trolley is visible for trials in Angers, passengers, or more probably, "local tourists" were eager to discover the new transportation device. From inside, that one is, at the same time, a vehicle and a route. And the route is even more interesting than the train itself.

As soon as the departure, travellers feel the urban landscape is moving in front of their eyes, simply because the train is running soundlessly and because they are, at the same time, very close to the streets. Pedestrians, front stores, crossroads are unfolding as pictures of a movie do in front of the audience. Compared to buses, cars, bikers or even pedestrians, the passengers are, in the trolley, much more passive and free from traffic jams and traffic lights.

Inside the train, everything looks easy. Signals warns about the closing of the doors and the next station. What dominates is space, thanks to large windows, and smoothly driving, because the speed changes are very progressive and the way of negociate the bends very secure. So if the trolley is a new way of transportation, its also a very favorable manner to discover Angers. The green lane on which it is slipping is like a giant zip which unifies the city.

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