26 June, 2011

Les Arthurs classes 2010-2011 : medecine, as an art at the heart of the heat

It was may be the hottest day of the year for many Angers inhabitants. And, on that June 26th, it was even more warmer in the little pocket theatre of Les Arthurs Company which organized at Falloux square the show ending the classes it taught to dozen of pupils - children and adults - during 2010-2011. So for the beginners (the entire cycle lasts almost four years), the climate was a little bit more oppressive.

The topic of all the stages performed in the afternoon was medecine. And several works extracted from authors of the 17th to the 20th century showed that in spite of scientific progress, the matter has always something to do with art.

The final show concluded a year of work : memorization, repetition, which don't eliminate stage fright. But nobody thought to be a genius and, as the teachers told to their pupils before coming on stage, the main goal is to have fun. But if the actors got it, it was not may be the case of the audience. That one had an excuse : to be overcome by the heat.

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