02 July, 2011

The useless generosity of Angers public authorities

Irigo, the company running the transportation network of Angers, takes care of the travellers. That's right. It even takes care of its former travellers : students who lived in the city for a few month during their cursus and who definitely came back to their native land. Their fomer host families in Angers have recently found letters for these foreign customers with a new subscription plastic card allowing them, once refunded, to use buses and trolley of Angers.

This case of Irigo is not isolated. The Lcl bank still send letters for their formers young customers regarding their accounts, the new services they can get or asking them to come to the bank for administrative purposes. Even the Caisse d'alllocations familiales writes to its former "customers" regarding their rights or even telling them they have to look for official documents in order to receive again housing allocations...

From part to part, these generous policies have a cost for the consumer and for the tax payer. These authorities, two of them have the monopole of their business in Angers city, could watch more closely the useless expenses they do in order to save money for their faithful customers still living in Angers...

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