21 May, 2011

Artaq back in Angers streets on May

The second edition of the international festival Artaq, a cultural event dedicated to urban arts, will come back in Angers between may the 27 and 29. More than 120 artists will present their works in different places of the city. Precisely, those works are part of the street arts. Considered as a vandal graphic expression, the street arts (paintings, sculptures, lightgraffes, pictures, video...) start to enter the museums as well as the galleries.

The Chabada discotheque will welcome the launching of the event on may the 26th. Then, Artaq will take place on Ralliement square where it will re-design the cabin of a truck and the frontage of the Nouvelles Galeries, while two street artists will compete at the Grand Theâtre. Another exhibition will be hosted (till the end of september) at Chemellier hall which will have its front entirely re-looked. And a giant fresco will be drawn at Saint-Serge University during a night exhibition. Others displays will be seen in Ronceray Abbey and in city hall. A workshop on slogan will welcome the public at the Jean-Vilar center at La Roseraie district.
Credit Pictures : Angers city

The 2011 edition of the Artaq festival will gather works coming from many parts of the world (USA, Spain, Peru, France or Japan) and, through that, will may be discover new talented artists.

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