05 May, 2011

The Angers twining policy in front of new hopes and challenges

The twining policy of Angers could evolve in the years to come. The mayor of the city announced at the lauching of the new brand "Angers Loire Valley" that Austin, the state capital of Texas, and Angers will soon sign a twining agreement. Thanks to closer links, Angers could enhance new parterships in cultural, economic, educational and environmental fields. If the Anjou town is able to help others less developped cities like Bamako, Angers has nevertheless interest to learn from counterparts and to widen its horizon.

Recently, the chairman of the Angers office of international cooperation pointed out that the mission of that authority had to change. "People don't need anymore our help to travel. We have to find out new issues to develop the twinings. We have to create new relationships with towns like Wigan, Haarlem, Pisa, Osnabruck or Bamako". Regarding Austin, the Office suggests "to associate young inhabitants of Angers to involve themselves in the project".

Apparently, the inhabitants would be sensitive to a strenghening of the twining policy. Many events in Angers city choice an anglicization of their names like the B2B race or the "Tout Angers bouge" race the city has called with the English word "trail". And the Angers municipal institute has had to offer new English courses because the demand of inhabiants. These look interested with what may enlarge their horizon.

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