07 May, 2011

The Angers Haut des Banchais Inhabitants Association climbs.. too high and gets vertigo

News Analysis. - Some Angers inhabitants may consider that, sometimes, the stances of people in charge of associations dedicated to the animations of the districts, exceed the mission of these structures. In its last issue distributed in all mailboxes of houses and buildings of the Haut des Banchais district, the chairman of one of these social authorities wrote an editorial which has nothing to see with with the purposes of the Association des habitants.

This text is nevertheless interesting because it points out two of the actual caracteristics of French collective mind. First of all, the desire to find scapegoats to the difficulties France faces today. And theses persons are, once again, the well-off : "The only law which prevails, those of the well-off". May be uncousciously, those unfuriated declarations leads to an opposition, and even a hate, among French people more worried by their internal disagreements that their collective challenges.

The second base of the editorial, visibly dearest to the French people harts, is the (preposterous) idea French are exceptional people : "We are and must remain this country of the Enlightenments, that land of asylum and welcome...". Is that mean that others countries are not enlighted or, at least, able to be so. And the last (wrong) idea of that editorial is French people have nothing to do to overcome : "In order to avoid that inexorable fall... no Everest to climb, just a realization to share". In other words, French have no work to do, no duties to fulfill. Their rights and ideas will prevail...

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