10 May, 2011

Celebration of the Europe birthdate at Angers Ra"Lizt"ment square

After months, even years, of works, Ralliement square found again a serene atmosphere for the national animation "Play Liszt" (written in English on the Angers city website) on May 9th, which is the contribution of music to the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the European union birth. Freed from smoke, dust, noise and vibrations, the central square of Angers lived a moment of grace thank to pupils of the Angers conservatoire of music who played works of the Hungarian composer whose fame was extended all lver the countries constituting now the Europen Union.

If the Ralliement square has been criticized for its mineral aspect, that coukd be an unwaited advantage for futures animations. Surrounded by buildings and covered with large cobblestones, the square constitute a sound box where notes are perfectly heard. Morevover, the sweet slope of the square allows installations of bleachers for future audiences.

The only flaw of such an initiative was its schedule. A concert staging from 4.30 pm to 8.00 pm is a little bit early because many people are still working. It could have been appropriate to put some seats. Their absence coukd explain the scarcity of the audience. But the music of Lizt was in harmony with the architecture of the theater, the Nouvelles Galeries or the Brasserie du théâtre. With the next babbling of the fountains and the rustle of the wind in the trees, the Ralliement square could be the perfect place for cultural evenings.

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