12 May, 2011

Like Angers, bikes and street car are on the agenda of Palma de Mallorca city

As Angers, the city of Palma de Mallorca wants to extend the use of bikes within its limits. The system of renting bike is here a little bit different. Part of,the policy aims at car drivers. In several car parks, drivers (who park their car there) and the persons who are with them can get a bike during the parking time. Hay bikes for men, women and children and it is possible to rent a helmet or a baby seat.

Palma implemented the service at a low level in 2004 but it was a success and the city decided to extend its offer in several other car parks. Now the city has developed a lot of bikes parks and almost created a lot of ways dedicated to bikers. The main difference with Angers is each way is a double lane. So the construction of such ways could be less costly.

Probably one of the main difficulties of that policy is : the weather. The temperatures are hot in summer so it could make the use of bike less attractive. But, like many other cities, Palma must reconsider the part of the car. Apart from bike, Palma plans to implement a street car line. But that,scheme is costly and nowadays, cities in Spain tend to limit expenses because the economic crisis made a lot of projects more difficult...

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