01 May, 2011

Angers at European time on May

Credit picture : http://www.angers.fr/international
The celebrations Angers city hall has planned on the 9th May should get the interest of the inhabitants if one consider the sales of the by-products originated by the English royal wedding and the fact Angers citizens, as well as French, didn't pay attention to "the last and the least" elections for canton's councillors which took place about a month ago in their own country. The actual power of every single country in Europe to deal with the economic and social consequences of the US financial crisis may lead people to grant time to the efforts the city did to move closer the European Union and the Angers inhabitants.

Exhibitions, animations or conferences will be accessible during all next month all over the city. Among the exhibitions, an original initiative consist in a gallery of Portraits of Angers inhabitants coming native of different European countries. The city for example hosted many families immigrated from Italia who created, some of them with great success, building companies.

Credit picture : http://www.maisondeleurope49.eu/
Angers city tries, once more, to make European Union more familiar to ordinary citizens by concentrating some of the events in a district. It will be Belle-Beille's turn in 2011 after Monplaisir in 2010. The issue of Europe will be unveiled from very differents aspects. One of them will be music : a concert will take place on Ralliement square on 9th May about Lizt, a Hungarian composer who during the XIXTh century promoted musicians of many others European countries.

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