02 May, 2011

Scarce demonstration in Angers for Labor Day

News analysis.- Where were the demonstrators in Angers on the 1st of May for the traditionnal Labor Day? According to saleswomen of lily of the valley along Foch boulevard, only a small march of a 400 hundreds persons went in the main street of Angers in order to constest the policy of French government or introduce new claims as it was usually the case in the past. Of course, the weather was not favourable to parade. The atmosphere was rainy and may be the collective mind was on the same mood... 

The visible reluctance to demonstrate reminds the last wave of abstentions for canton elections which took place at the end of march : 58% of registered voters didn't came to the polls. For local medias, that is meaningful of the decline of civism. Is that true?

Regarding the polls, the material conditions for voting are never at issue. Nevertheless, how can local politicians expect the involvment of people when these must stay at home in order to vote? While it's possible today to order services or goods thanks to internet wherever we are, why it is not the same thing for voting? Regarding the 1st of May, the workers refer to stay home if the weather is rainy. The trade unions as well the politicians should consider that voters of workers cann't be called for civics duties.

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