08 May, 2011

Cathodic inquiries in Angers city

Credit wikipédia
Inhabitants of Angers who have a tv set and don't declare it to the services of public treasury may receive the visit of inspectors, wrote Angers town hall in a press release published on May 5th. The persons in charge of these controls "are commissioned", that is to say they would receive additional money in case of discouvery of the owner of a tv set who didn't reported it to the tax services.

Of course, it's not fair to watch tv without paying the tax while others do so. But is a tax on tv something normal? Is the part of the state to finance tv programs while private initiative offers others? Why is there a tax on tv and not a tax on radio? An inquiry in private homes looks a little bit detrimental to private life.

Formerly, France had a tax on doors and windows. Established under the Directoire régime in 1798, the taxe disapeared in 1926. In fact, the present tax on tv set was created in 1980. It was a kind of resurrection of the tax on windows, which were cathodic. A cathodic resurrection...

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