28 May, 2011

Angers' nostalgics applaud Laurent Gerra

The humorist and imitator Laurent Gerra was of representation on may the 25th in Angers and had undoubtedly convinced an audience acquired to his facecious remarks regarding France's political life. The Strauss-Kahn case was really for him a Godsend but he didn't, not so widely as expected, take advantage of it, emphazising a gallery of portraits, applaused by the audience. The may be only shadow is his trend to stay quite often below the belt, a trend nevertheless largely appreciated by the Angers spectators.

But, an interesting aspect was the second part of the show, very different from the first. Having been called back by the audience, Laurent Gerra depincted several famous French singers of the past. Charles Trenet, Serge Reggiani, Yves Montant or Henri Salvador and Léo Ferré are all dead. But, even if their records are still sold in France, their imitation by Laurent gerra was a kind of resurrection praised by the Angevins.

Most of them knew these celebrities returned to life thanks to Gerra. That come back was at the same time a return to the past for the public, a come back to a time France had a more important status than today and was not unblemished by a drop of its rank. The ending was so a little bit melancolic, as France present mood.

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