03 May, 2011

The Angers town hall communication looks concentrated on entertainments

News analysis.- Projects of animations were recently on the front of the stage at the Angers town hall. A few weeks afo, in the middle of April, the mayor announced the construction of a new swimming pool in the Saint-Aubin district due to run in 2013. A few days ago, another announcement refered to the inauguration, scheduled on June 25th of the first street car line and to the animations which will go with. And yesterday, town hall made public the programm of the next Accroches-Coeurs, due to take place on the first days of september.

All these events are surely welcomed by an important part of the population because, on the economic side, things are not going very well. For sure, the mayor of Angers and his team don't only dedicate themselves to the entertainment of the inhabitants. Of course, it's much more difficult to attract companies in Angers than before because the city must compete with dynamic territories in France and abroad. But the communication of Angers town hall should give more room to the economic issues, most of inhabitants neglect.

The new brand Angers Loire Valley cannot be limited to fun, leisures and happiness. In order to give meanming to that brand which attempt to pull the city and surroundings up, town hall must express more clearly that it deals with the economic difficulties Angers inhabitants face in labor life and through a declining purchasing power. Angers Loire Valley can't just be a Disney resort which, meanwhile, is one of the best managed company in the world.

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