14 May, 2011

The bike web Bicipalma could inspire Angers city'

While the campaign for the municipal elections has started in Baleares as well as in Spain, the development of non polluting transportation systems is part of the debate. The evolutions of the use of bikes in Palma de Mallorca suggested by the candidates of the socialist party yesterday may the 12th may occur in other cities like Angers.

The goal of the left team running for elections is to install bike parks in all the districts of the city. There are presently 15 and the goal is to create 28. If, originally, the red was limited to downtown Palma, it has been extended gradually to the first round of suburbs and now will go till the second round of them.

Bicipalma, the name of the municipal red of bikes created in 2004, hopes to become financially profitable thanks to the increase of users, who will have to pay fees (the system is free in Angers), and the ads (on the bikes?).

Moreover, the use of municipal bikes will be enlarged to tourists later. Presently, it is just available to Palma inhabitants. Bicipalma has 7 000 users and 7 500 inhabitants are on a waiting list.

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