23 May, 2011

The connection of Angers to Europe through Paris back on tracks

The council of the Angers Loire Métropole authority has examined on May the 10th a railway project completely opposed to the refusal expressed by some of the Angers and Maine-et-Loire politicians of the 90's regarding the development of a high speed line between Angers and Paris. For the first time, Angers is thinking about the interest of improving its connection to the capital thanks to a networking track. That debate close the inept point of view who won formerly : "Why to spend  10 billions (francs) to win 10 minutes?"...

In fact, what is at stake is not only the shortening of the travels between Angers and Paris but the connection between Angers, through Paris, to main european cities like Munich, Madrid of Brussels and, from there, Amsterdam or London... Angers clearly wants now to be connected with the economical centers of Western Europe. But that will not be real before 2020.

Presently the Alm authority says, "Presently, the traffic between Massy and Valenton railways stations use the tracks of the Great Bel, which is used too by the fret trains and the RER. The track is saturated, the lateness are frequent and the speed limited to 70 km per hour"... So is there another choice ?

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