11 May, 2011

From "Here we go" to Irigo, the new look of Angers bus web

The Angers public transports system is about to get over an important stage of its development. One one side, the street car line will run from now at normal speed but without passengers till the 25th of june. On the other hand, the bus web has announced today its new lines, schedules and name : Irigo. Irigo is a shortened word coming from the English popular expression "Here we go".

Regarding the street car, the change will be for the others users of public ways : drivers, bikers and pedestrians. The street car wil have absolute priority over the others menans of locomotion. That new mode of transportation has influenced the older one : the buses whose lines will be more rectilinear than before in order to win time. And time is money... The schedules have been widened and the rhythms are faster.

With Irigo, Angers public authorities expand the uses of English words. Recently, the brand Angers Loire Valley was introduced by the mayor in front of an audience of public and private decision-makers of the city. And no critics was expressed. But many others initiatives in Angers boost the use of English in the city like VeriFraich, the brand of a new fast food located on Foch boulevard. If the city wants to differentiate from others, the expanded use of English could be a way. So, here we go!

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