20 May, 2011

The title of conferences presenting the new urbanistic local foresees the future face of the town

The presentation to Angers inhabitants of the new urbanistic local plan to the districts of Angers from may the 20th to june the 17th gives an idea of the vision of town hall has about the future face of the city on 2025. Four conferences between town councillors and inhabitants will explore two issues : "Environment : is it possible to conciliate nature and urbanism?" and "Housing : after water, electricity, is it possible to save up space?".

The first intention of the city representatives could consist in designing the town as a landscape. And some projects, present or future, like the street car line and the Maine banks reconquest, which have in common to open new visual perspectives, could be indications of this direction. That would be necessary because the second aim of Angers and surroundings cities is to save up space. If, during the 50 last years, the surfaces of built areas have widely increased, this trend turns out to be costly for the public authorities which have to organize the transportations of peoples and goods.
While housing becomes in France an acute problem, Angers thinks the opportunities for coming people to find a home is an asset for the city. So the rythm of buildings will not end soon.

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